Hi, I’m Jaime. I assume you’re reading this because you actually know me in real life and want to know what the hell I’m doing making a blog, and if I’m ok – both are valid concerns. Completely understandable. I started this blog for literally no reason other than I want to keep improving my writing skills. I don’t think I’ve ever been a great writer, but when I was in school and writing a lot, I do think I got to be ok.

However, since graduating from undergrad I discovered that this so-called ‘real world’ does not require any essay writing. I have been feeling myself lose all of my abilities to be an academic. My brain blacks out whenever I’m asked to communicate what exactly I did during my undergrad and what I was interested in. Partly because of burnout and partly because I am so out of practice.

So that’s how we ended up here. A little spot on the internet where I can write about the weird things I like. That’s really all this is. If you were looking for juicy personal essays you will not find any here. Sorry to disappoint. If you like what I have to say, incredible! If you hate it and think I’m the worst writer on the planet, please don’t tell me. I’m a big baby. If you want to chat with me more about anything I write about – you know where to find me.

And I guess, finally, if you somehow found this blog without knowing me in real life (weird.) I’m Jaime! I’m 26, and have an Honours B.A. in Communication Studies and Multimedia. I minored in Women’s Studies and have spent my adult life trying to unlearn all the things that I do that cause hurt in the world. Hoping I can figure out how I can make things a little tiny bit less shitty. I also really like horror movies. A lot.