I tend to do this thing…
I’ll start something I feel really good about, really passionately about and I’ll have all these ideas and I’ll be wanting to work on it all the time… then there will be a gust of wind that hits me the wrong way. A slight breeze. And any good intentions I had previous seem to get blown away and replaced with fear, doubt and dread.

It’s disappointing for me more than anyone else and yet I haven’t quite mastered how to avoid it. I mean, I think I know what I need to do but it goes far beyond what I’m willing to put on the internet so I’ll stick to my “weird – not sure why that happened! lol will try better next time!” story.

Since we’re not analyzing it I’m just jumping on here to say, that while an explanation is never necessary it always feels weird to post something when you haven’t posted in a while. So this is my buffer post. A post to say: I’ll write something more thoughtful and more interesting soon. And thank you. For caring enough to stick around or for not caring enough to realize you’ve stuck around – that’s also very cool.

Get in losers, we’re going to Spirit Halloween and getting some dopamine.


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